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Cute Puppies

All puppies are cute. However, raising a cute puppy requires a considerable commitment of one's time and each breed has its unique characteristics. Some dog breeds are better suited for the lifestyles of certain individuals and less so for others. Study the temperament, training aptitude, grooming requirements, common health concerns, exercise needs and size of the breed you are considering before making the decision as to which cute puppy to bring home. 


While generally tiny at birth, cute puppies grow rather quickly but still need the nurturing and companionship of their mother and siblings for the first two to three months.  Newborn puppies spend most of their time sleeping and nursing.  During the first few weeks a puppy's vision and hearing is extremely limited but begins to develop.  After about a month of nursing, puppies are gradually weaned and can start to eat solid food.  By two months of age, puppies no longer need to nurse.  By this time cute puppies are more active and begin to play with their littermates and explore.  A puppy should not be separated from its mother prior to two to three months of age.  Puppy litters average around six but vary widely and some breeds have litters up to twelve.    


     Cute Puppies

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The first several days after being separated from its mother and litter a puppy will cry.  Expect a new puppy to have a few "accidents" until it is housebroken.  Puppy bladders are small and so a puppy should be let outside numerous times thoughout the day.  When the owner cannot oversee their puppy's activitives, it is best to use a crate or confine a puppy to a small portion of the home until it is housebroken.  Note that the crate should be just large enough to sleep in but not wet in.  While many undesirable activities a new puppy performs might seem cute, the puppy should be trained at an early age that these are undesirable behaviours so that they are not carried into adulthood.  Playtoys can help prevent your cute puppy from destroying furniture and other household items.  Ideally your cute puppy shouldn't be left alone for extended periods of time in the first several weeks.  This also helps in disciplining as one can let the puppy know with a firm voice at the very moment they do something they shouldn't that that behaviour is unacceptable.  


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Socialization at an early age is important so that your cute puppy becomes accustomed to being around people and other dogs.  It is also important that puppies be given vaccinations within the first few months and that training commence after about six months.  In general, dogs have a high degree of intelligence compared to other animals.  Sexual maturity is usually attained between six months and two years of age depending on the breed so dogs which are not intended for breeding should be neutered by this time 


      Cute Puppies

Dogs have been man's best friend for thousands of years and have been used for hunting, herding, search and rescue, pest control, protection, transportation, service for those with disabilities and companionship.  Dogs have hearing and olfactory abilities far beyond those of humans.  The American Kennel Association has defined characteristics for more than one hundred fifty pure dogbreeds.  Cute puppies typically learn either through observation of more experienced dogs or through positive reinforcement.   

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